Trevor "ModestCube" Schmidty II is an editor and the adopted child of Cow Chop.

History Edit

Trevor met Aleks while Aleks was streaming CS:GO. According to Trevor, he was giving Aleks advice on how to make his stream better while in-game; afterward, Aleks added him and they became friends. Later on, he met Aron through a game he and Aleks were playing. Trevor got to know most of the Creatures (such as Kevin, Jordan, and Dan) before moving to Colorado.

Trevor currently lives together with Joe in California. Not much is known about his past with Aleks and James aside from the fact that he became an editor for the channel sometime before they started filming content.

According to Geoff from Achievement Hunter /Rooster Teeth, he acknowledges that Trevor is 19 years old in one of their Minecraft Let's Play episodes (Prompting an appropriate reaction from both Michael and Gavin from Achievement Hunter ). He was born on the 18th of March in 1997.

Trivia Edit


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