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Trevor '"ModestCube" Schmidty II was an editor, cameraman and main cast member of Cow Chop.


Trevor met Aleks while he was streaming CS: GO. According to Trevor, he was giving Aleks advice on how to make his stream better while in-game; afterward, Aleks added him and they became friends. Later on, he met Aron through a game he and Aleks were playing. Trevor got to know most of the Creatures (such as Kevin, Jordan, and Dan) before moving to Colorado.

Not much is known about his past with Aleks and James aside from the fact that he became an editor for the channel sometime before they started filming content.

Leaving Cow Chop

On 28 February, 2018, Trevor announced that he was taking an indefinite vacation, he mentioned that he was taking the break to "work on [himself]" and that the Cow Chop people were nice enough to grant him that. During his vacation, the series Whoa, That's a Let's Play! was uploaded weekly, this series would serve as his send off, because in April 30, 2018, it was revealed by Trevor that he was officially leaving Cow Chop to follow his own passions in animation and cinematics, Trevor was considering leaving way back in January 2018, and was given the indefinite vacation for him to make his choice. They are on good terms of course, and have streamed together multiple times after his leave