The Silver Dollar Chef is a character played by James who made his debut and only appearance in EDIBLE SPRAY PAINT DINNER.


The Chef is first seen telling Aleks and Trevor about his restaurant that just opened, "The Silver Dollar". He takes them to the restaurant where Aleks tries to rob him, the Chef tells him that he doesn't have any money since he just opened and Aleks gives up. He and Trevor then enter the restaurant and sit down, after which the Chef gives them a hand-written menu and then proceeds to spray paint coleslaw. He gives the coleslaw to them as an appetizer and quickly takes their orders; chicken fingers and fish. While preparing their orders he spray paints his mouth, seemingly making him a bit unstable, after finishing their orders he notices that Aleks did not eat his coleslaw due to him thinking it was not good, this angers the Chef who throws the coleslaw in his face and shirt. This in turn angers Aleks, who yells at the chef saying he got coleslaw on his Adidas shoes. After Aleks and Trevor finish their meals with pain, he tells them that it's part of a ritual to spray paint their mouths after finishing their meals, Trevor is spray painted twice while Aleks unwillingly is spray painted near his right eye. In the process Aleks throws the table, almost breaking the camera.

Not soon after Aleks and Trevor leave the next batch of customers come, Asher and Jakob. He gives them meat balls and bread as a desert and takes their orders; two hamburgers. While eating the meat balls Jakob secretly spits them out, almost vomiting. The Chef then prepares the hamburgers, spray painting his mouth for a third time in the process, making him even more unstable than before. He finishes the hamburgers and gives them to Asher and Jakob, in a glimmer of hope Jakob sees a part of his hamburger that isn't spray painted, but the Chef quickly notices and spray paints it. After they finish their meals the Chef spray paints their mouths, which makes them leave. In the Outro the Chef is seen in a corner without his hat, he spray paints his mouth multiple times making him hear laughter, meaning he may have finally gone insane.