Origin Story

Before Cow Chop was even an idea, James and Aleks were a part of The Creatures, a YouTube channel that consisted of skits, movie reviews, games, and road trips. During their involvement in the group, James and Aleks - in their free time - constantly streamed together playing games or performing skits or other random activities. James and Aleks' incredible chemistry together was enjoyed by fans of them and The Creatures.

The first mention of James and Aleks putting a project together came from Creature Talk Ep. 151 where James mentioned that the picture on the television is for a future project. This brought about speculation among the community on what they had planned.


Image shown in Creature Talk Ep. 151

During the same time, James tweeted out a cow emoji but did not reveal the reason behind doing so.


The Split

Approximately 3 months later, not long before the new project is revealed, James gave a sneak preview of their project. In JAMES HUB 3.0, he held up a pillow without Aleks' permission that had a cow pattern printed on it. This is later to be known as one of the pillows to the Cow Chop Couch. In this same video, James is informed that the Hub, a two times a week series, is now weekly. This is one factor that lead to the official creation of Cow Chop. Another factor includes the manager and a crew member having relations within the group. James and Aleks felt uncomfortable resulting in them leaving.


James holding the cow pillow from JAMES HUB 3.0

After their departure from The Creatures, James and Aleks finally revealed their project to the community through the video, appropriately titled, "FIRST VIDEO" to their new channel. The videos released on the channel were filmed within the Creatures office as they were in the process of moving to a different location. Once moved, Cow Chop's success skyrocketed resulting in what it is today.

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