Origin StoryEdit

For years, James and Aleks had mentioned doing their own sort of Duo project. These ideas mentioned eventually became what we currently know of as Cow Chop.

The first true mention of this idea they were putting together, came mentioned in a CT video/stream featuring James and Aleks, The Future Is Now, where James mentions that the picture on the television in the background is for a future project.  This mention of the project brought about speculation among the community on what their favorite YouTube personalities might be doing.


During the same time, James tweets out a cow emoji, but does not reveal the reason behind doing so.


Approximately 3 months later, not long before the new project is revealed, James gives a sneak preview of their project. In JAMES HUB 3.0, he holds up a pillow with cow pattern printed on it. This is later to be known as one of the pillows to the Cow Chop Couch.


Finally, their "project" is revealed to us through the first video posted to their new Channel, and the rest from there is history.

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