The Barn is the fourth filming location of Cow Chop, revealed in the video "BARN Introduction". As stated in the post-roll of the aforementioned video, they are planning to stay in the Barn for one month until the already-planned Move to LA.


Aleks and James stated that they got the location for cheap and at the last minute due to the fact that a "Meth lab" used to be run out of it, which resulted in a reduced price.

The Infamous Cow Chop Set is filmed in the corner-section near the front area of the Barn.

COOPERATIVE NIGHTMARE • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Gameplay is the first Cow Chop Gaming-Related video that has been uploaded since they moved into the barn (Again not counting the reveal video or the Behind The Cow Chop).


  • The front-portion of the Barn features a large garage door as well as a side door to enter from.
  • Capture BARN 2
    There are multiple United States of America Flags in the background which have been attached to the wall (Possibly because of the previous owners).
  • There is also an additional section of the Barn that is dedicated to editing (Another room located in the back portion of the place).
  • They have a "breakroom" in the main area.
  • The Barn is constructed mostly of Dry-wood and Insulation.
    Capture BARN 3
  • The Barn came with an old rusty ladder that Aleks claimed, "It's a Medieval Ladder. You know how our ancestors didn't live as long? It's cause they had ladders like this".
  • The Barn has a fire extinguisher attached to the wall near the front-door.
  • Capture BARN 1
    The Barn has a bathroom (Where Joe flushed a razor blade down the toilet).
  • There is a slight possibility that the Landlords of the Barn assume Cow Chop records adult-films due to the group setting up a bed, a couch, and also owning a giant d*ck with the rest of their equipment
  • Aleks has hung on from the structural supports of the Barn's Inner-Roof Workings.
    Capture COOPERATIVE NIGHTMARE • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Gameplay
  • Trevor and James noticed that the wooden-pieces for the ceiling's structural support are somewhat crooked.
  • Trevor has found "Cricket Candy" in the Barn.
  • They currently have a fly-catcher that hangs directly above the Cow Chop Filming Set (Even though Aleks and James insulted a Bee for being trapped on the adhesive).
  • They discovered the sound of planes can be distinctly heard from the Barn during SPACE PIRATES • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Gameplay .
  • Next to the couch is a mannequinn wearing their Cow Chop Onesie.
  • The general location of the barn was revealed in EXPENSIVE DRONES & TALKING BIRDS • AMAZON PRIME TIME when James got a text about an amber alert in the area while flying a drone.


"This is the barn... We're actually in a legitimate barn" - James, BARN Introduction

"Instead of a house, it's a barn" - Aleks, BARN Introduction

"You think they're gonna burn it down?" - Michael Jones, My Brain Doesn't Work So Good No More - Off Topic #64

"You know they used to make methamphetamine here right?" - James, BARN Introduction

"We got a lot of room in here" - Joe, BARN Introduction

"We have to make like... like... Barn references right?" - Aleks, BARN Introduction

"Working... out of a f*cking barn... in the middle of nowhere" - Aleks, E.T. REJECTED SEQUEL • Retroactive

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