Stan is Aleks' pet fish given to him by James on episode 21 of Amazon Prime Time. He was first kept a secret from Aleks so he was forced to live in a clear bag full of water for a while resulting in James thinking that he was dead. After Aleks opened his 6 gallon aquarium, also gifted to him by James, he placed Stan in the aquarium where he is still currently living.


Stan was named after Aleks' indian Uber driver. He is a goldfish and is very large for his type. It is unknown whether it is a male or female. Aleks has said that he looks as if he ate another goldfish and grew 2 times his normal size. He also said that a 6 gallon tank is too small for Stan due to his large size.

Within the first appearance of Stan, fans have been saying R.I.P Stan because of the heater placed inside of his aquarium which can lead to his demise.

On April 9th, in a Behind the Cow Chop episode, James gave Jorel Stan to keep since they were not taking him with on their move to L.A. Although he is no longer apart of Cow Chop, Stan still lives.