• Amazon Prime Time - James and Aleks give each other gifts which they bought on Amazon.
  • Behind the Cow Chop - Behind the scenes footage of Cow Chop.
  • CCTV - Cow Chop's exotic podcast.
  • Channel Takeover - James and Aleks, and occasionally other members, play a certain video game related to an upcoming movie and then produce a skit afterwards.
  • Dark Souls 3 - James and Aleks dress up in Dark Souls costumes and take turns playing.
  • Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City - James and Aleks play the Dark Souls 3 DLC.
  • Foreign Import - James and Aleks import games from foreign countries and play them.
  • Heavy Rain - Aleks plays Heavy Rain Remastered while James supervises.
  • Human: Fall Flat - James and Aleks play "Trevor Simulator" or Human: Fall Flat; a ragdoll, puzzle based game.
  • Monopoly - James, Aleks, Trevor, and Brett play on their custom Cow Chop monopoly board.
  • Overcooked - James, Aron, Trevor and Aleks attempt to work together to create the most meals in Overcooked.
  • Pit People - James and Aleks play Pit People.
  • Pokemon GO - James, Aleks and Trevor go on Pokemon adventures throughout their town of Littleton, Colorado
  • Retroactive - James and Aleks bring in SEGA Genesis games from their childhood to play.
  • Shovel Knight Amiibo Co-op - James and Aleks play Shovel Knight Co-op using Amiibo.
  • Virtual Reality Gameplay - Cow Chop plays various virtual reality games
  • WWE 2K17 Tournament - As James plays the announcer, Cow Chop members go 1v1 in the ring to fight for the trophy.
  • Wrong Side of Youtube - James and Aleks search Youtube for its weirdest content.

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