"I don't know how to play Monopoly" - Trevor

Monopoly is a series where James, Aleks, Brett and Trevor play a custom Cow Chop Monopoly board on the Xbox One.

# Episode Uploaded
1 FAMILY PICTURES May 22, 2017
3 ROLLING DOUBLES May 29, 2017
4 LAST ROUND June 6, 2017


  • Trevor confirmed in "Family Pictures" that Stan is in fact still alive.
  • The Monopoly board in this series was created by James. This is the second time James has made a custom board.
  • The Xbox One's Kinect allows for photos to be taken while in-game.
  • James stated in episode 2 that he is never going to play Monopoly ever again.


  • "Mandingo" - Brett
  • "I don't know how to play Monopoly" - Trevor
  • "Ma'am, I need to cut your baby's penis off...only part of it though." - Trevor
  • "Looks like your paying up some of that ad revenue" - James "16 dollars" - Brett "Wow, that's how much they pay us in ads" - Trevor
  • "Ohhhh there's Young Pussi Boy Trevor" - James
  • "Big pussy is the biggest meme on the board, man" - Brett, to Trevor
  • "This is why you don't deal with a thimble" - Aleks
  • "I just want to lose so I can leave" - Trevor
  • "Why did we play this fucking game and why did I make this fucking board?!" - James
  • "I just realized how fucking much I hate Monopoly" - Aleks


At the bottom of the description in these Cow Chop video there is one phrase, each in a different language that are sometimes related to that video. | The following are the translations for each video.


  1. Indonesian English - "Over 250 million sets of Monopolies have been sold since its discovery and the game has been played by over half a billion people making it the most popular board game in the world."


  1. German → English - "For example, in 1971, Phil Knight paid Carolyn Davidson $ 35 to create the Nike "Swoosh" logo. Today, the world's branding Interbrand Nike No. 25 is on the list of the top 100 most valuable brands in the world with an estimated value of over $ 13 billion."


  1. Danish → English - "Despite its thick ice, Antarctica is classified as a desert because so little moisture falls from the sky. The inner regions of the continent receive an average of 2 inches (50 millimeters) rainfall - mainly in the form of snow - every year. More rain falls in the Sahara desert."

LAST ROUND | Episode 4

  1. German → English - "The real person was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. When he began to write, he chose the Nom de Pen or the name of the Mark Twain pen. "Mark Twain" is a river boat term measuring two threads (12 feet) in depth: mark (measure) twain (two)."

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