About Edit

Mishka is Aleks' Keeshond pupper. She lives with Aleks and has been featured in many of his and Cow Chop videos. Aleks usually posts pictures of Mishka on his Instagram. Aleks brings her to the Cow Chop House regularly where she plays with James's woofer; Ein. Aleks has recently come up with a new Pup Box series, similar to James' Bark Box, where he will unbox Pup Boxes with Mishka.

History Edit

Aleks made a video debuting his dog Mishka , where he shows multiple clips of her running around his yard, performing various tricks, and doing other random things around his house. She appears to be very energetic and treat-loving due to her being a puppy in the video. By the time Cow Chop was created, two years later, Mishka had already been "fully-grown".

Trivia Edit

  • Capture Mishka 3
    Mishka gave an outro once in one of the videos from the Overcooked series. This indicates that Mishka unlike other dogs has a distinct voice box that allows her to speak the human tongue of English. However, it is suggested that she learned this tongue from James, due to her voice sounding almost exactly like him.


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