CPR Baby was a baby delivered via Amazon in the Amazon Prime Time Video, "BODY BAG BURIAL". He had to have Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation performed on him by his drunken father, Aleks, In an attempt to save him from choking to death. He was later pronounced dead and buried by James behind a tree in the yard behind the SlaughterHouse. (We assume that the CPR must have worked but he was buried too early for it to be determined that he was still alive. Baby screams were heard from the grave that night and he was later dug back up.)

Later, in the video, EXTREME WATER RAFTING, we see CPR Baby Alive again now named Little Tommy. He is being held on Bretts chest throughout the video as they all have some father-father-father-father-father-father-and-son time. They plan to teach Little Tommy about River safety and how to forge a new life on the river, but fail miserably as they lose rafts by the end of it.


Video Appearance Date
BODY BAG BURIAL May 17, 2016
BAD PARENTING June 22, 2016


Brett Posing with Little Tommy. Source

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