Lindsey "Linzbot_" Washburn is an editor for Cow Chop. She was hired around April 2017 when the crew moved to LA and is now a recurring member on regular uploaded videos.


Lindsey first appeared in the "Bleach Boys Disaster" as the one to dye Trevor and Aleks' hair. She currently edits and films many and various Cow Chop videos on the channel.


  • Lindsey worked on Machinima Realm with Brett in 2012
  • Lindsey, according to Aleks in CCTV #9, used to work for the YouTube Gaming Content Creator: Seananners.
  • Brett and Lindsey have been friends for over 6 years, with Lindsey calling him her "twin snake & long time best pal."
  • Lindsey has her own YouTube channel but hasn't uploaded in over a year.
  • Outside of Cow Chop, Lindsey is a streamer and photographer.
  • Lindsey and Anna are the only two female members of Cow Chop.
  • Because Lindsey's desk is much taller than everyone else's, James has called her the "overseer".
  • James stated that the fans don't really know her because Brett didn't do his job and introduce her.
  • She has her own website where she posts her graphic designs and photography.
  • Lindsey streams on Twitch page every few months.


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