The LA Office is the fifth official location of Cow Chop, revealed in the video "Good-Bye Barn".


The office space is located in Los Angeles, California. One of James and Aleks' main motives for moving to LA was the expansive abilities to do collaborations and simply more of what they wanted to do. Another was that Brett lives in Los Angeles and because it was a liability for Brett to travel from Los Angeles, CA to Littleton, CO just to be a part of a Cow Chop video (Also since a majority of their partners with Rooster Teeth , such as Funhaus and Steven Suptic, live in the area as well. They also considered moving there due to multiple other YouTubers living in the same city for a possibility of collaboration).

(Disclaimer: The Cow Chop Crew requests respect to their new facility. With that being said, any persons wrongfully abusing the information of the location of the new Cow Chop Office will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.)

To see the tour of the office watch: OFFICIAL OFFICE TOUR


Interior of Office-space


  • The "Covv Chop" text featured in the Cow Chop Goes West video was added in post.
  • The large space is actually a warehouse but the crew refers to it as an office.
  • According to Steven Suptic, the office is in a lower class neighborhood.
  • As a joke, Aleks said they are renting the office for $20,000/day.
  • In the "WE WON'T SURVIVE THE WINTER • Farming Simulator Gameplay" video, Aleks' dog Mishka is the first-time on camera appearance of the pets at the new Office (Unlike how they were not at The Barn , but always running around the former Cow Chop House).
  • In "SALT SHOTGUN AND FIERY SURPRISES", Aleks managed to set an actual fire on the set which required everyone in the Office to take out the flames.
  • Brett's Office EXTREMEM MAKEOVER
    In "EXTREME OFFICE MAKEOVER", the group modified Brett's Office (While he was on a trip) by adding multiple reference and callouts to the places Brett traveled too. Such details included "Authentic" Chinese and Australian propaganda, as well as removing his doors so that they have access to the room. Though James didn't want to be involved with the plan (Since he didn't want to be beaten up by Brett), he said that they should have a callback to their roots to Machinima (The YouTube social video-game videomaking conglomerate).


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