Joffrey is a man from an unspecified folklore renowned for going on a "crusade" by himself.


Upon completing his objective and returning to his people, he was banished to hell for taking on the task by himself without any assistance. Once banished to hell, the devil inside of Joffrey broke him apart into pieces that scattered throughout the world. Now, each Ember flame that burns inside is a piece of Joffrey, and consuming the Ember is considered communion.

It is also rumoured that every boss in Dark Souls is a descendant of Joffrey, and that they were made from the holy stone of Joffrey's insides.


  • It is said that Kmart Kid once walked through the backyard of Joffrey.
  • Joffrey was once put in jail, where he then had to do community work by planting trees in his yard for charity.