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Cow Chop

Being one of the two main cast members of Cow Chop, James appears in almost every video and series uploaded to the channel.


James's channel is the largest channel out of any of the Cow Chop cast members, therefore having very many different gaming series on it, new and old.

There are still quite a few ongoing series on James's channel that have been uploaded to since the beginning of Cow Chop.

  • Guts and Glory (2)
  • Super Mario Maker (??)
  • Animated Classics (63)
  • Batman - Realm of Shadows (4)
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 Moments (??)
  • We Happy Few
  • The Hat Random Gameplay (12)
  • Joy of Creation Reborn (??)
  • Bark Box (12)
  • Fallout 4 (45)
  • The Walking Dead
  • 'Till I Rage - Dark Souls 3 (5)
  • The Culling Highlights (8)
  • Would You Rather

Some notable fan favorite series and oldies before the beginning of Cow Chop include Happy Wheels, Amiibo Challenge, Garry's Mod, The Evil Within, Minecraft: Asgard ect.



For a while James also operated a second channel which he would use to upload wresting game videos, however, since December of 2014 he has not uploaded any videos to the channel.