James' House is the third location of where Cow Chop films their videos due to being evicted from their previous place. The organization of the set is based off of how their Cow-Patterened Couch was setup in their former house. The set was in James' living room until they moved into The Barn.


This new setup was mentioned in the ON THE STREETS • Behind the Cow Chop video by James hinting that the audience might like the new location (But he could have also been hinting at "The Barn"). The actual reveal of the new filming area was shown in the CLICKBAIT TITLES Cow Chop video where both Aleks and James immediately start making fun of their new setup for producing videos.

James moved into his new place due to previously having his former house lease expire.

This house is where James records all of his YouTube videos as well as footage of the "Bark Box" Series for his dog, Ein.


  • He currently lives in this house where he films on his own personal channel, UberHaxorNova
  • James keeps joking about how they are filming in his house.
  • Aleks also mocks about how James' House is a great place to sleep and film in.
  • James set up multiple sofas/couches to simulate how the former setup in the Cow Chop House.
  • There is a Treadmill in the back behind the couches.
  • There is a Chimney in the living room.


"We're at James' House, AKA the new Cow Chop HQ" - Aleks, EASY DIY RECIPES • Youtubers Life Gameplay

"Welcome back to Cow Chop... This is MY HOME!" - James, CLICKBAIT TITLES • Youtubers Life Gameplay

"We're like operating out of your house right now" Aleks, CLICKBAIT TITLES • Youtubers Life Gameplay

"I don't like having a production space in the middle of my living room" - James, BLEACHED EYES DISASTER • WALMART DELIVERY TIME

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