"How do you do this again? How do you do it?"
Trevor, moments before being blasted with Coca-Cola due to throwing Mentos in it

I'll See It When I Believe It is a show featuring Trevor, Joe and Jakob. The series focuses on science based topics where Trevor and his gang perform experiments. The series currently has only one episode, which is the pilot. It is possible the show has been cancelled due to Joe leaving Cow Chop but nothing has been confirmed yet.

# Episode Uploaded
1 PILOT EPISODE July 8, 2017


  • The series was created by Trevor.
  • The show is named after Joe's famous quote "I'll See It When I Believe It" in the video, Blair Witch Hunt.
  • Jakob was never featured in a series officially before this.
  • The show's release was revealed at the Cow Chop RTX Panel 2017.


  • "How do you do this again, how do you do it?" - Trevor
  • "Stop! Stop, for real!" - Jakob, to Trevor
  • "Mario! Mario!" - Trevor


At the bottom of the description in each Cow Chop video there are two phrases, both in a different language that are sometimes related to that video. | The following are the translations for each video.

NOTE: Most of these are meant to not make any sense.


  1. Spanish English - "Hi guys it's Trevor, sorry for the video, haha, oops"