This Page is dedicated to any former Cow Chop Members in the future (I.E. If any leave or get killed or swallowed by Trevor's big pussi). The page was created as of 3/16/2017 to commemorate the loss of Aron from the recurring Cow Chop Crew.

As stated by Aleks on one of his Twitch Livestreams, he wasn't sure if Asher and Anna would also be apart of Cow Chop (Referring to if they would move to LA with them).

Former Members:

  • Aron, Editor and Recurring Cast Member
  • Jerell, Intern (Brought in to replace Aron before they moved to LA)
  • Stan, Aleks' fish (Bought for him by James in Amazon Prime Time 21)
  • Walter, Aleks' Venus Flytrap
  • Jacob, Intern

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