"Baby, you piece of shit!"
Daddy is a character played by Aleks, he is the father of Baby and made his debut and only appearance in BAD PARENTING • Who's Your Daddy.


Daddy first appears in the beginning skit of the Who's Your Daddy Gameplay video, he enters his house to see his son, Baby playing with toys and sucking on a pacifier. Suddenly Baby pulls out a gun and points it to his head, repeatedly saying to Daddy he is going to die. Daddy gives him money which Baby accepts and giveshthegun to Daddy.

Daddy later appears entering the kitchen and is greeted by Baby trying to drink Coconut Water Hand Soap. Baby gives up and gives the bottle to Daddy and runs away, Daddy then drinks the soap for himself but immediately spits it out in the sink. He then calls Baby a piece of shit.

Daddy last appeares in the bathroom on the toilet, he hears Baby once again saying he is going to die and gets out of the bathroom. He finds Baby trying to hang himself with a noose, Daddy tells him to not do it but Baby doesn't listen and jumps. Luckily for Daddy, the noose breaks and Baby falls to the ground, he tells to himself he needed to call the Pediatrician and leaves the room.