The Cow Chop RTX Panel occurred on July 7th, 2017 during RTX 2017. It was also shown through the Live-streaming Video Game Service Platform, Twitch.

Refer to previous Cow Chop RTX Panel 2016 here:


Due to being apart of the Let's Play Family and Rooster Teeth, Cow Chop had received a dedicated panel during the Rooster Teeth Expo.

Full Livestream Link of the Panel can be watched here:

Full Livestream Link of the Let's Play Family Panel can be watched here (Achievement Hunter, Cow Chop, Funhaus, Lannan (LazarBeam), and StevenSuptic):

Cow Chop Panel:

Capture 1

James, Aleks, Joe, Brett, and Trevor all traveled to Austin, TX for the Rooster Teeth Event Panel as well as a signing. This was the only Cow Chop related Event Panel during the convention; however, Brett had another panel specifically for the Let's Play Family (Including people from Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, The Creatures, and Kinda Funny).

The Cow Chop Panel began with the group introducing themselves to the audience than with James asking everyone there if they went to both Cow Chop Panels during the previous year. He was surprised by the lack of hands raised. Aleks then mentioned that they would not be hosting a Q&A Session due to the question that won RTX last year as well as the audience that kept asking them ridiculous questions and causing them to feel uneasy.

Trivia for Cow Chop Panel

  • In CCTV #7, Brett and James mention that Joe's birthday is close during the RTX Event Days (In reference to when they filmed a Behind the Cow Chop video of themselves partying in Downtown Austin.


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