Over the course of time on Cow Chop, many guests have appeared either friends or fellow YouTubers. The following are guests that have appeared:

Micheal Jones - A member of Rooster Teeth who appeared on episode 3 of Wrong Side of Youtube: "Doop Freestyle Nightmare"

Geoff Ramsey - A founder of Rooster Teeth who appeared on episode 3 of Amazon Prime Time: "Body Bag Burial", and several CCTV Episodes.

Dexter Manning - An old friend of the Cow Chop crew who appeared in various videos on the Cow Chop channel.

Steven Suptic - A fellow YouTuber who appeared in the "Steven Suptic vs The Mouse Trap Bounce Castle" video and several CCTV Episodes.

Khail Anonymous - A Youtuber who was featured in "Trevor Escapes to LA" but was never actually introduced, did the intros to the 5 Halloween videos (Oct 27, 2017 - Oct 31, 2017), and appeared in a CCTV Episode.

Sugar Pine 7 - Members of Sugar Pine 7 such as Cib, James and Steven appear on several videos like THE SPICE GAUNTLET • Hot Ones Sauces & Fiery Noodles

Bruce GreeneA member of Funhaus who appeared on episode 37 of Amazon Prime Time: "6 WEIRD ETSY ITEMS (feat. Funhaus), a CCTV, and several other Funhaus collaboration videos. 

Criken - A member of the Let's Play family, appeared in MINECRAFT WEALTH AFFIRMATION • WRONG SIDE OF YOUTUBE and a CCTV.