Cow Chop Cow

Cow Chop 
is a channel created by James (UberHaxorNova) and Aleks (ImmortalHD) on the 29th of February, 2016. Their first upload, "FIRST VIDEO", was uploaded on the 1st of April. The channel's main topic is couch gaming co-op, though it also produces sketches, vlogs, and various non-gaming series.


The name Cow Chop is said to come from Couch Co-Op, Couch Op, Cow Chop. When asked "Why cows?" James responded with "Why not? It goes with the name." [1]

Cow Chop was originally thought to have been part of The Creatures [2], however, on April 28, 2016, James and Aleks announced on a Twitch live stream that they were leaving The Creatures along with Aron, Joe, and Trevor [3]. They still remain a part of the Rooster Teeth Let's Play Family. [4]

The initial idea for Cow Chop was made back in 2014 according to James. While he was still with the Creatures, James hinted towards the creation of Cow Chop during James Hub 3.0 [5] without Aleks' consent.


Series Description Episodes Status
Amazon Prime Time James and Aleks give each other gifts, which they bought on Amazon. 26 Ongoing
Battleblock Theater James and Aleks return to play this classic and beloved game but this time, they play user made levels. 3 Completed
Behind the Cow Chop Behind the scenes footage of Cow Chop. 57 Ongoing
CoPilot James and Aleks complete in game challenges controlling one character while each using a controller. 4 On Hiatus
Cow Chop TV James, Aleks, and Brett, including other members and guests, film a podcast in various locations across Southern California. 6 Ongoing
Dark Souls 3 James and Aleks take turns playing Dark Souls 3. 39 Completed
Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City James and Aleks take turns playing the Dark Souls 3 DLC while Brett supervises. 5 Completed
Foreign Import James and Aleks play games and watch movies which they imported. 7 Ongoing
Heavy Rain Aleks plays Heavy Rain Remastered while James supervises. 23 Completed
Human: Fall Flat James and Aleks play Human: Fall Flat. 4 Completed
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe James, Aleks, Trevor and Joe battle in minigames and races in races against each other and others. 4 Completed
Mario Party 7 James, Aleks, Trevor and Joe dress up as Mario characters and battle 1v1 in Mario Party 7. 8 Completed
Monopoly James, Aleks, Trevor and Brett play a custom Cow Chop monopoly game. 4 Completed
Overcooked James, Aleks, and Trevor play the game Overcooked. 12 Completed
Pit People James and Aleks play Pit People, a game made by Behemoth. 8 Completed
Pokemon GO James, Aleks and the gang travel and play Pokemon GO. 7 Completed
Retroactive James and Aleks bring in video games to play from their childhood. 12 Ongoing
Shovel Knight Amiibo Co-op James and Aleks play Shovel Knight Co-op using Amiibo. 16 Completed
Virtual Reality Gameplay Cow Chop plays various virtual reality games. 18 Ongoing
Wrong Side of Youtube James and Aleks search Youtube for its weirdest content. 29 Ongoing
WWE 2K17 Tournament As James plays the announcer, Cow Chop members go 1v1 in the ring to fight for the trophy. 8 Completed



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"Cow Chop are freaks!" - Jeremy Dooley, My Brain Doesn't Work So Good No More - Off Topic #64

"It's a hell of a crew..." - Michael, My Brain Doesn't Work So Good No More - Off Topic #64

"They make us look like a f*cking joke... Oh yeah we're a bunch of p*ssies" - Michael and Geoff, My Brain Doesn't Work So Good No More - Off Topic #64

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