"Sorry I'm just, really high on cocaine right now."
Chuck  is a character played by Aleks, he is the owner of Salon De Lon, Los Angeles' premiere beauty spa resort. Chuck made his debut and only appearance in AMAZING DAY SPA RESORT.


Chuck first appears in a TV add, talking about the spa resort he owned and a Jacuzzi offer. His first clients are Trevor and Joe, whom he immediately greets and gives them robes much like his. He gives them buckets with hot water where they can put their feet in and puts cream on Trevor's face. To break the silence he starts playing metal music on his phone but the battery quickly dies, Trevor then asks for cocaine and Chuck quickly provides him with some. Next he asks them if they want to enter the VIP room (which in reality is just a restroom with VIP written under it in black marker, Trevor and Joe agree and enter the VIP room which has a big inflatable pool and Bill in it.

A second pair of clients come in and introduce themselves as Dave, Colin, and Fred. Chuck gives them the same treatment as the previous when suddenly Trevor starte crying and screaming, this makes the second pair of clients uneasy but Chuck just ignores Trevor's screams. After Trevor stops crying he calls out for Chuck, Chuck then leaves to check on Trevor and Joe. Once he is gone Dave and Colin start talking about faking an accident so they can sue Chuck and get all his money. Once Chuck sees that Trevor and Joe were ok he goes back to the other clients and asks them if they wanted to check out the VIP room. They agree and make it to the VIP room where Chuck kicks out Trevor and Joe since Dave and Colin wanted some "privacy". Once the door closes Dave starts spraying Colin with ketchup. Outside Chuck is talking to Trevor and Joe and when he finishes he checks in the VIP room to see a "dead" Colin and a "freaked out" Dave. To make it up for what happened Chuck tries giving Dave a meal but Dave says that he is going to sue Chuck. Chuck then turns to the camera and says that his business is over.