"See, if you were smart you'd understand how to do that part" - James
Battleblock Theater is a series where James and Aleks bring back and play the classic and beloved game, Battleblock Theater, a game that depends on teamwork and cooperation in order to complete the puzzling levels.
# Episode Uploaded
1 A RETURN TO THE CLASSICS January 9, 2017
2 TEAMWORK TENSION January 16, 2017
3 LEVEL FROM HELL January 24, 2017


  • "And now I pulled it out. Look at that." (James) "Wow you pulled it's so huge" - Aleks
  • "I'll go up and down on you" - Aleks, to James
  • "See, if you were smart you'd understand how to do that part" - James, to Aleks
  • "I feel like a rat in maze dude and I'm talking to another rat like "Yo what do you think of this?""- Aleks, to James
  • "I can't get on the black one!" - James
  • "My ass got burnt! I was on the ladder and I was like "I'm safe here" and my ass got fried!" - Aleks


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