Asher "AsherTheFirst" is a cameraman and editor for Cow Chop. He was hired around summer of 2016 and is a recurring member in the regularly uploaded videos.


Prior to his formal introduction into Cow Chop, Asher was talked about through Reddit and Twitter posts as well as small edits in a few videos.

His first appearance is in the advertisement for James' squiggly cups alongside Anna, the other unknown editor at the time.

His first official appearance in a video was in a Watch Ya' Mouth with James, Aleks, and Trevor. He has since appeared regularly in other videos, along with Anna.

During the OFFENSIVE T-SHIRTS • Tee K.O. Gameplay video, Asher is immediately called out multiple times during the creation of their T-shirt design images.

Asher, other than being one of the editors for Cow Chop, also is used for being a voice over for some videos (Such as the SQUIGGLY CUP video).

He played the main narrator for the opening and ending crawls for the Heavy Rain Let's Play. Asher did not do a voice over for the 5th episode of the Heavy Rain series. He has not voiced any of the opening and ending live action crawls of the series from that point onward.


  • Asher is a self-taught video editor.
  • Asher and Anna are the only two members that have joined Cow Chop working as cameramen and editors prior to the creation of the channel.
  • Asher used to be a DJ according to Trevor in CCTV #4.
  • Asher has a tattoo on his upper left arm also on his right. On his twitch live stream, he mentioned his tattoo is an astronaut. His other tattoo is of a turtle he got in Hawaii with his siblings.
  • He is into posting memes, mainly due to the content he puts on Twitter.
    Twitter Asher Mythic 2 34 PM 11 24 2016
  • Asher gets many comments on videos saying that he looks like the popular Gun-Channel YouTuber, "FPSRussia".
  • Based on Cow Chop viewers and fans, memes derived from the videos Asher was in helped develop a catchphrase for himself. The joking phrase is "Keep it fresh".
  • He was offended when Aron said that he looked like Trevor in MONEY IN THE BANK • WWE 2K17 Tournament.
  • According to James during an AMA, Asher was interviewed while the group was still with The Creatures. He wasn't able to be brought on during that time, but months later once Cow Chop started the group reached out to him again, and he joined.
    • Asher found his spot in the group via a Craigslist ad looking for a video editor. Before meeting the group, Asher had no idea who they were.
  • He was a big fan of Rooster Teeth and Funhaus, and had no idea that The Creatures/Cow Chop were affiliated with the groups.
  • After reaching the Platinum level of subscribers to the RT First program, Asher jokingly stated he would get his nipple pierced. After Brett confirmed it would happen, on camera, Asher had no choice but to do it. Asher stated that it was removed the night that he got it pierced.
  • In Going Platnium (almost), Asher turns into a fucking savage and roasts the fuck out of Trevor, likely due to the unfortunate piercing he had to endure prior to the bleaching.
  • Asher is currently single as of July, 13, 2017
  • Asher has his own Twitch channel that he streams on!


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