Anna "intricateornate" Marie is a cameragirl and editor for Cow Chop. She was hired around Summer of 2016 and is now a recurring member on the regular uploaded videos.


Due to not having a formal introduction to Cow Chop, Anna was revealed either through Twitter/Reddit posts and little edited tidbits showing her in random videos.

In an episode of Pokemon GO, Anna briefly appears in frame. She appears in the episode PUBLIC CEMETERY HUNT from the 2:28 to 2:30 time stamp. Anna also happens to appear for a brief moment in the POKEMON TURF WAR episode of Pokemon GO, at the time stamp 6:20 to 6:25, and again at the time stamp 7:20 to 7:24. She is also in random edited sections in the PICKACHU VS HARAMBE Pokemon Go video.

She also appears in James' Squiggly Cup video, along with the first appearance of Asher. at the 2:22 Mark

In the video "INTERGENDER SMACKDOWN • WWE 2K17 Tournament", she appears as one of the competitors, facing off against Aron. This is her full-length debut in a Cow Chop video. Following this, she is now regularly featured in content alongside Asher.



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