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Aleks "ImmortalHD" Marchant is one half of the Cow Chop duo, along with James. He is known for his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos and his awkward sense of humor.


Aleks was born in Vladivostok, Russia and lived in the Russian Federation until the age of eight. He later moved to the United States and was adopted. His first language is Russian.

He studied graphic design in college, but later dropped out. At the time he felt that his YouTube channel had become fairly successful.


His first videos were Minecraft machinima. However, Aleks' original Youtube channel was hacked, and most of the videos were deleted. This led him to upload on his current channel (created December 10th, 2008). During this time, fellow future Creature SlyFoxHound helped out by directing his own followers to check out Immortal's new channel. Aleks and Sly came to create several series together.

Eventually, Aleks and Sly would live together in Colorado, not far from the Creature House. Aleks made several appearances with The Creatures during this time.


At RTX 2013, Jordan Mathewson (more commonly known as Kootra) jokingly inducted Aleks into The Creatures, treating a water bottle as if it were Aleks. The other Creatures then followed the gag, making references to the water bottle being a new Creature. Later, during episode 77 of Creature Talk, The Creatures specifically stated that the water bottle gag was planned, and that they had not actually invited Aleks into The Creatures.

However, despite this clarification, many fans speculated that Aleks was in fact being inducted into The Creatures, due to a tweet by GaLm. Later, while at dinner, they discussed inviting Aleks into The Creatures, finally deciding to accept him into the group.

Cow Chop, leaving The Creatures

Aleks started appearing in Cow Chop videos at it's creation on April 1st, 2016, along with James (UberHaxorNova), and appeared in regularly uploaded co-op let's plays with James starting on April 15th. On April 28th, one day after a video showing the Cow Chop set being moved out from the Creature office, Aleks and James announced on a Q&A live stream that they, as well as Joe and Aron, had left The Creatures two months prior, but were not allowed to announce this until later. The reason for their leave were creative differences and frustration with the company.

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