Alec is a current Cow Chop production assistant. He was previously an intern, where he was supposedly doing some art for the channel.


Not very much is known about Alec, but he has been included in various videos on the channel. He made his first appearance in Adult Sex Swing and S***, but was never formally introduced by name. He was then introduced by Aleks in Drift Trike where he helped paint the new shelf. He was also seen in Hot Sauce Original where he eats a plate of bread topped with hot sauce and dried bugs prepared by Aleks and Brett. 

In a Reddit post for MEXICAN FOOD WEDDING CAKE, Brett replied to a comment where he references Alec as a "recent intern and now Production Assistant," indicating that he had been hired on to the team. Since being hired, he has made various appearances in videos, making his first non-BTS appearance as the judge in OH, COWCUTTA!