COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT: Removing some Bureaucrats from Power!

Hello Everyone!
  It has come to the Wikia Staff's Attention (Myself, Patdamanwitdaplan, Nonsane59, and WorldlyIdeas) for almost a year now that the "lead" bureaucrat has been preventing us to expand the Wikia due to her inactivity. She has not assisted us at all with creating new projects, editing sections of the Wikia, or developing new format changes for the better! The current ACTIVE Wikia Staff has been working tirelessly on making the Wikia Updated and intereesting; however, the "Owner" has been taking full ownership of ALL OUR WORK and pretending that she is in charge. She has never done anything for the Wikia since it began (Evidence of her 7 Edits).
We have been trying to fix this issue; but, we need your help! 
Anyone who has been following the Wikia (Staff, User, Article-Reader) is vital for our support in removing the person from power due to their inactivity!
We are going to have a COMMUNITY DISCUSSION about whether you all want some of these inactive Bureaucrats out of power, in order for the ACTIVE STAFF to Upgrade and actually expand the Wikia to the Cow Chop Community!
Feel free to reply with a response and/or vote with a reason-why they should stay or be removed and in 7 Days (From the 9th to 16th), the verdict will be decided by the FANDOM Staff Website!
Thanks!  🐮🔪
Who we are Demoting/Removing from POWER:
SplashTheWine (Lead Bureaucrat)
Thedw11            (Bureaucrat)